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Paralegal,Company Formation and Accounting services

SB Advisors Ltd is a team of paralegals solicitors and accountants, we offer support to any legal or accounting issue and we help you to keep your company under law requirements.
Whatever your needs, digital archiving or complicate contracts, SB Advisors will always be your assistant with affordable prices and quality work, always on time.
We have experience in many sectors, such as sell, hire, leasing contracts, employment law, commercial relationships, routine works to keep your company statutory,preparation of AGM, POAs and other legal documents, fast track apostille services.
Company formation and branches establishment is another sector of experience, assistant with Banks and business plan writing.
Consultancy services in business matters, contract analysis and risk predictions.
Depending on your activities flexible programs could be created to cover your needs with a flat monthly rate scheme or pay as you go scheme.

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Paralegal services

Company formation
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